Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Making a Tile for Papers

this tutorial was created by Sharon Becker
on 17th february 08
It was written for those that have a working
knowlege of PSP

This tut was done in PSP X

this is how i made the tile,
my ideas, my concepts, any similarities
are purely coincidental,
do not claim as your own.

You will need the following supplies:

Supplies: PaintShopProX and a preset shape

Okay lets start:

1.file - new image - 100x100
or size of choice! this is just for demo purposes!

2.floodfill with main colour of choice

3.then go to your preset shapes, find one you like,
making sure your foreground colour is null,
 and background colour is of choice
then draw out your shape!

make sure you centralize it
by going to ojects - align - centre in canvas
then convert to raster

4.then go to effects - image effects - seamless tiling -
using the settings as shown in screenshot

tiling method: Corner   direction: Bidirectional  settings: horizontal offest 0
vertical offset 2 transition 50  corner style: linear

5.then go to your layer pallette and merge all how you would normally
(i save mine as JPG into your patterns folder)
7.then to test it out, open another new image of 800x800
or whatever size you require!
go to your background colour click on it and select the pattern
tile you just made and flood fill your new image!

there you have it, your new paper.

Hope you enjoyed my little tutorial!

Created by Sharon Becker

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