Thursday, 1 July 2010

Glassy Brad

we are making a glass brad
this tutorial was created by Sharon Becker
on 10th April 08
It was written for those that have a working
knowlege of PSP

This tut was done in PSP X
this is how i made the item,

my ideas, my concepts,
any similarities
are purely coincidental,
do not claim as your own.

You will need the following supplies:

Okay lets start:
1.file- new file

2.find an embellishment and
put it to one side for now go to preset tools
and click on circle

4.make sure your foregroundcolour is null
and background is to a colour of choice

5.draw out your shape
but make sure you dont go too big
as we need some space for the edging

6.convert to raster add a little texture of choice

i used fine leather with these settings:
colour: black Angle:280 blur:6
transparency:241number of furrows:16
length of furrows:5
then click ok copy and paste your embellishment in the middle
and resize if necessary
merge visible using on this layer
apply effects-eyecandy5-impact-glass
with these settings:

on first sections
click *settings* and
click *clear no drop shadow*then as follows:
on the bevel profile part
leave as *button*

10.then go to image-flip
and apply the glass as before
then flip again if its the wrong way up

11.then click anywhere on yourcanvas and then go to
selections-invertselections- modify - contract by 5
then selections modify -select selections borders
with these settings:
border width 20
and antialias checked
click ok

12.floodfill with whitethen eyecandy5-immpact-bevel
with these settings:

dont do anything with settings& bevel profile will be(button)
then click ok
12.selections-select none
merge visible

there you have it...

save how you would normally
(i saved mine in png)

Hope you enjoyed my tutorial!

This tutorial was written by me and any similarities
are purely coincidental Registered & Protected

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