Thursday, 1 July 2010

My Bio

My name is Sharon Becker aka Momma, i had a computer in 2001,
but didnt go into PaintShop Pro till 3 yrs later.
I had an msn Space to start with to help people
and used paint programme that was already in my computer
to make banners for peoples sites.
i found a forum that said learn psp while making friends
so i joined to see what its all about,
i then found out i had to purchase a programme called paintshop pro
which does alot of different things!
off i went to the nearest store,lol
i then didnt no how to start it, so i joined a group called radiant rascals
and they taught you bit by bit about Paintshop pro
and all that it offered, then i was on my own.
i then started making signature tags 2 yrs later with the help of the forums challenges.
i then noticed alot of things you had to buy so i thought *i can do that,lol*
so i did and that started me off on my creative path!
and now 2005 i am making my own scrapkits,PSP Scripts,Templates,CU4CU items!
as i was taught the ins and outs of paintshop pro, i like to give abit back,
so i thought id post some of my older tutorials
(using my other name Momma)
and make some newer one for you all to learn by!

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