Thursday, 8 July 2010

Photo Prong

This tutorial was created by Sharon Becker
on 11th September 07
for a challenge in
Creative PSP Expressions msn group
(group no longer there anymore)

It was written for those that have a working
knowlege of PSP

This tut was done in PSP X

Supplies needed:
Preset Shape - circle
EyeCandy4000 - glass

This tutorial is fairly easy,

Okay lets start:

File - New - New image
1.first we need to get the foreground colour to null,
and background colour to grey, like below:

 go to your preset shape tool and select the circle,
and draw a circle on the canvas and stretch it outlike this:

3.once happy with the shape DON'T convert to raster YET
..we go to selections - select none, that keeps it still in vector get your preset shape tool - circle again and draw out a circle
like this:

5.once happy we now convert layer to raster have the shape right, we get our magic wand
and click inside the grey area like this:

7.while we have the marching ants around it we go to
eyecandy4000 - glass with these settings below

8.then click ok,then go to selections - select none
u have the basic shape now..

9.if you would like to colourise, this is how i do mine..
Adjust - hue & saturation - hue/saturation/lightness
i chose pink with these settings:

There you have it..
merge visible
now save your prong by either exportingas a tube OR
psp format or png whichever suits you.
there you have it..
all done..
Hope you enjoyed my tutorial!! Registered & Protected

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