Thursday, 8 July 2010

Bevel Flower

This tutorial was created by Sharon Becker
on 30th September 07
and was written for those that have a working
knowledge of PSP

This tut was done in PSP X

Supplies needed: HERE
(please don't share these supplies
send them to the tutorial
so they can download supplies themselves,ty)

Embellishment: diamond
Papers: 1 paper
Preset shape: flower 4

all these items are enclosed in the supplies.
i don't know who made them!
if there yours please let me know
and i can delete or give credit
where credit is due!

Plugin Filters: Eyecandy4000 -
glassEyecandy 5 - impact - chrome

This tutorial is fairly easy,

Okay lets start:

Open up supplies put diamond in tubes folder
preset shape into preset shape folder in your
psp programme
paper in your pattern folder!
File - New - New image
i like to make big then you can
resize to your own taste preset shape: flower 4 null in your foregroundcolour palette foreground colour pallette select patterns
and find the pattern you like or one i enclosed
in supplies

4.draw out the shape like this:

6. convert to raster
then go to effects: eyecandy4000 - glass with these settings

click ok(if you haven't eyecandy, you can get the same
effect with effects - inner bevelin your PSP programme) click selections - select all - selection float - selections defloat
selections - modify - select - selections - borders

then use these settings below

you should have something like this

now with marching ants around it,add new raster layer
and floodfill with grey colour then eyecandy5 -impact - chrome

click ok then selections - select none
(if you haven't eyecandy then just floodfill
with any colour unstead of grey and click
selections - select none)
that's your basic shape
save as psp image so u can use again
on its own if needs be. duplicate your image image - free rotate - right direction
- 30 degreesthen image resize - 400 (or 67%)
then duplicate that flower andimage - free rotate - right direction
- 30 degreesthen image resize - 400 (or 67%)make sure there
all in the right position

9.add new raster layer find your diamond in psp tubes
and clickin the middle of your flower
merge visible

Resize if prefered
now save your flower as a tube or psp image or png
there you have it..
all done..
Hope you enjoyed my tutorial!! Registered & Protected

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