Thursday, 8 July 2010

Creating a Flower Head

tutorial made by Sharon Becker
on the 20th jan 08

This tut was done in PSP X
this is how i made the item,my ideas, my concepts, any similarities
are purely coincidental,do not claim as your own.

Incase you don't have the Preset shape Teardrop

i have included it Here

before you start the tutorial put it
in your preset shapes first

Lets start:

1.File - New - New image 600x500 on your preset shape tool and look for teardrop
u draw a tear drop with a light background colour and
foreground set at null

3.then selections all - selections float - selections defloat

4.add a new layer with the airbrush set with a dark colour,
make a few marks on the tear drop

5.then add another new layer and do the same but with a light colour

now we go to adjust - blur - gaussian blur set at 8
then go to effects - texture effects - texture
with these settings

merge visible and go to selections none
add a slight drop shadow..

 postion ur teardrop towards the bottom of ur canvas
then duplicate it and go to - image - flip
now position the tops of the eardrops so they just about touch
(the pointed ends)
merge visible - then duplicate and image free rotate - 90%
so it now looks like a cross

now duplicate and use the pick tool to rotate and postion how u like

7.then if u want something in the middle
add more flowers by duplicating the merged layer rotate again
and this time resize to taste...
and there u are, ur very own flower...
here is another but in a different colour

Hope you had fun trying out my tutorial Registered & Protected

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