Thursday, 8 July 2010

Creating Softer Edges

This tutorial was created by Sharon Becker
on 28th October 07

It was written for beginners of PSP
This tut was done in PSP X
i'm going to show you how
to make softer edges
this is how i do it and any similarities
are purely coincidental this paper to your computer

2.find it in your psp, click on it so it comes up
on your canvas ready to use

3.go to your layers like below
right click & promote background
to layer like screenshot above go to where your magic wand is
and select the freehand selection tool
with these settings:

point to point - add shift feather 0 range 0
smoothing 0 anti alias checked
where ever u want the edge, you then drawa line
and all round the bit you dont want like
screenshot below:

click so marching ants are round the bit u dont want
and hit the delete button, then you should
end up with something like this above

5.while still selected go to selections-modify -
inside/outside feather

then use these settings as shown below

click okyou should end up with it looking like this

then hit delete button on keyboard 1 or 2 times
6.we now got to selections - select none

7.then find your eraser with these settings

go over carefully over the sharp end
erasing the tops
7. and this is what you should end up with
it looking like

Hope you enjoyed my tutorial!!
wasn't that Registered & Protected

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