Thursday, 8 July 2010

Making a Plaque

This tutorial was created by Sharon Becker
on 30th March 08
and was written for those that have a working
knowledge of PSP

This was done in PSP X

This tutorial is fairly easy,

Okay lets start:

File - New - New image
width 600x height 400
resolution 300

1.first we need to get the preset shape -
rectangle with the colour pallette set at:
foreground colour to null,and background colour to a colour of choice draw a long rectangle on the canvas and stretch it out

3.once happy with the shape convert to raster
then we go to selections - select all - float
 we go to effects - 3d effects - cutout
with these settings

vertical -7 & horizontal 6 opacity 100 & blur 24.64

5.then making sure your colour is a slightly
dark shade to your plaque your making, click ok not deselect YET, now go to effects - 3d effects -
cutoutagain but with this settingvertical 7 & horizontal -6
opacity 100 & blur 24.64 we go to selections - select none

8.there you have the finished product

8.if you want, you can add embellishments
to it like i did i added a screw to each corner then merve visible

There you have it..
now save your plaque by either
psp format or pngwhichever suits you.
there you have it..
all done..

Hope you enjoyed my tutorial!!
This tutorial was written by me and any similarities
are purely coincidental Registered & Protected

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